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What is "Fast Video Cutter"

This is a fast video-cutting software with an easy-to use interface.
Absolutely FREE and fully functional.
It allows users to trim parts of a video quickly while maintaining the quality of the original video.

How to cut a video segment you want to use

1. If you have not installed "Fast Video Cutter", please download it from official website.

Video cutter download

2. Start "Fast Video Cutter". Click "Open" button. Select the video you want to cut.

Video cutter

3. Set the beginning and end points of the portion you want to save, and click on the "Cut" button.

Video cutter

● Play or pause the current video by  Tool bar button

● You can set the beginning and end points by dragging Drag button, or use Set button to set the current video position as the beginning and end points.

● You can cut multiple clips at once, click Add or delete button to add or delete clips.

5. Select "Fast cut" or "Recode the video", click the "Ok" button to initiate the video cutting.

Video cutter

● Most videos support "Fast cut" (except rm and rmvb). It only takes a few seconds to cut a video.

● If you want to change the format of the output video, please select "Recode the video" and click "Encoding settings".

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